John Eliassen
John Eliassen, a French-trained winemaker who continues to work in the Oregon Wine Industry, provided assistance to Mike and Vonnie the first few years as consulting Winemaker.
John Bradley
For several years, because the Landts were living much of the time in the Midwest and commuting for the busy months of the winemaking year, John and Bonnie Bradley took care of the facility and vineyards and manned the tasting room.
Bonnie Bradley
The Bradley's now have their own winery (
Intern Tom Kriegshauser
In 2008, Tom joined us from Australia, where he went on to help manage Yangarra Estate winery. Tom grew up in St. Louis, spent some years in the wholesale wine business, but went to Australia to earn a masters in wine business. He is now Director of Sales Asia-Pacific for Jackson Family Wines.
Intern Savanna Wright
In 2009, the winery was fortunate to have two interns from very different backgrounds. Coming from New York was Savanna Wright, who worked with wine at Grammercy Tavern restaurant. She is currently the Assistant Winemaker at Failla Wines in St. Helena, California.
Intern Meredith Bell
The other 2009 intern was Meredith Bell who had just finished up a stint in Mauritania as a Peace Corps volunteer and enrolled in the masters of enology program at University of California Davis. We are proud to announce that Meredith is now (as of fall, 2014) the Assitant Winemaker at Omero Cellars in Yamhill Carlton.
Intern Shawna Williams
For the 2012 vintage we were fortunate to be assisted by Shawna Williams, who interned for the harvest.
Judith Ricard
Long time friend Judith Ricard of Seattle visits at least once a year and usually stays for a week at a time, earning her board and room many times over.
Stan Blasgow
Stan Blasgow of Corvallis has helped us with the harvest and bottling on several occasions.
Sharon Porter
Sharon Porter of New Jersey has made the long trip to help with all facets of the winemaking process.
Russ & Janice Willets
Russ and Janice Willets of Gold Beach have been valuable in helping assess the wines before bottling and in getting it in the bottle afterword.
David Muchmoore
Dave Muchmore of Eugene have been valuable in helping assess the wines before bottling and in getting it in the bottle afterword.
Steve & Peggy Shambaugh
Nearby residents Steve and Peggy Shambaugh have helped out with every aspect of winemaking over the years.
Jerry Johnson
A resident of nearby Umpqua, Jerry has been a great help during the last two harvests.
Danna Richey
Danna, also a resident of Umpqua, has sorted tons of grapes during the last couple of harvests.
Keith & Marcie Snyder
Keith and Marcie first became acquainted with the winery in 2007, became fans, volunteered and even were assistant winemakers for one year in 2013.

The winery has benefited enormously from the help and hard work of its friends and Interns throughout the years. Several strategically plan their visits to coincide with events like bottling or the harvest. And some are locals that are available to lend a hand throughout the year.